In Toronto, rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures for men and women. Also known as a “nose job” its list of accomplishments can include straightening, slimming or reshaping the nose, correcting changes impacted by trauma or reconstruction after previous surgery.

In fact, there are many sub-categories and methods of correction possible under the umbrella of this one term. Removing a bump on the dorsal ridge of a nose is also called hump rhinoplasty. Toronto facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Phillip Solomon is double board certified and highly experienced in this complex field. If you’re looking to reduce a hump, we can help.

Also a faculty member at the University of Toronto, Dr. Solomon is renowned as an expert and carries out hundreds of nose surgeries each year in his private clinic. The decision to change any element of your nose- even the removal of a hump- should be entrusted to a specialist because changes made in micro-measurements make for impactful results.

Are You Suitable For A Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty In Toronto?

The experienced team at Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre pride themselves in taking each person’s unique characteristics and needs into account when planning the surgical approach. Removing a dorsal hump is one of the leading motivators for people seeking this surgery. Often, a person’s profile bothers them, and even a small bump seems to stand out undesirably for the patient.

Your assessment with Dr. Solomon involves an appreciation of your entire face and its balance. A skilled expert will see how your nose harmonizes with other characteristics such as the mouth, eyes and face shape. Ethnic features often inform the decision of how much tissue to remove. Well respected as a Persian rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Solomon is known for results that enhance and refine a person’s appearance, while retaining their inherent character and attractiveness.

How Much Will Your Nose Change After Your Procedure?

Though a bump may be your reason for consultation, for some people, tip rotation or projection will compliment reduction of the hump. “Polly beak” is an unfortunate term that describes an unnatural looking tip which has not been adjusted along with the reduced hump. It can appear as a telltale sign of the procedure. When you select a qualified surgeon who not only performs but specializes their practice in this area, you can be assured that the subtle details which make a rhinoplasty result flawless are looked after.

Ultimately, your new nose should leave you feeling more confident about your appearance with the problem area corrected, but still looking very much like yourself.

We believe that our patients are happy and satisfied not only because of their results but the process of consultation, education, planning and post-operative care we provide. In our experience, being well-informed puts people at ease and ensures they have realistic expectations along with less anxiety.

A hump rhinoplasty carries a very high satisfaction rate. Dramatic improvements can be made that allow patients to feel better about themselves each time they look in the mirror, and the recovery is not lengthy.

When you call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Solomon, you’ll learn about your options, what to expect from the surgery and how to take the next steps. We look forward to hearing from you soon.