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Asian Rhinoplasty in Toronto

Having developed a reputation for delivering the highest quality Asian rhinoplasty Toronto results, Dr. Solomon understands the meticulous care and attention to detail required for such a procedure.

Asian rhinoplasty Toronto is unlike other rhinoplasty procedures in the sense that maintaining a uniquely Asian ethnic appearance must be a high priority. Getting to know Asian facial features and their relationship to one another is a must for any Asian rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto. Requiring delicate skill and an artistic eye, in performing Asian rhinoplasty Toronto, it has always been Dr. Solomon’s primary responsibility to sculpt a beautiful nose for the patient but without sacrificing the Asian heritage that makes this beauty so unique.

Toronto is very multicultural, and as a result of its multicultural population and my practice specializing in rhinoplasty, I’ve treated people from all different walks of life, from all different ethnic backgrounds, says Dr. Philip Solomon. For over a decade, Dr. Solomon has been performing rhinoplasty surgeries as part of his practice, the Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery Centre in Old Thornhill. Having performed well over a thousand procedures, Dr. Solomon is often interviewed by the media as a rhinoplasty expert and has given interviews specifically on non-Caucasian Rhinoplasty.

As it pertains to Asian rhinoplasty Toronto, there are several aspects of an Asian nose that are unique to this ethnicity and in the name of an improved facial appearance, several patients have come to us seeking changes in the way that their nose is built. For example, some of the common requests we receive from Asian patients include addressing the thick skin of the nose; addressing a bulbous, overlarge tip; reshaping a wide nasal base; and restructuring a bridge that sits low on the face. If you are seeking these types of changes or others, an Asian rhinoplasty may be appropriate for you.

It is important to remember that the goal of Asian rhinoplasty Toronto is to create harmony and balance with the rest of the facial structures, not to create a Caucasian nose, according to Dr. Solomon. Whereas Caucasians may be looking for finesse and refinement making their nose smaller, Asian patients may require augmentation to aesthetically enhance their facial proportions. In inexperienced hands, this can be a challenging procedure. Correcting issues surrounding, and on an Asian nose, changing it too thoroughly would detract from that patient’s ethnic appearance. This is not our goal. What we aim to achieve is a greater facial balance while maintaining an Asian ethnic profile.

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Asian rhinoplasty in Toronto


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Asian patient before rhinoplasty Asian patient after rhinoplasty
Asian patient after rhinoplasty surgery at Dr. Solomon's clinic in Toronto
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Asian Rhinoplasty Toronto Techniques:

The Nasal Tip

According to Dr. Solomon, surgeons unfamiliar with the general nasal anatomy differences between Asians and Caucasians may resort to the reshaping techniques they know best. But instead of reducing the nasal tip, Dr. Solomon recommends the tip be projected in most cases. In Asians, the nasal tip often lacks definition and projection. Dr. Solomon enhances the nasal tip with a cartilage graft, or when necessary, a synthetic implant. According to Dr. Solomon, this improvement in projection creates an aesthetically pleasing profile in context of the patient’s features.

The nasal septum, ear and even the rib may be donor sites for a cartilage graft. Like a tent pole, the grafted cartilage creates projection within the tip. The nasal septum is ideal for this task. If none is viable, Dr. Solomon will look to the ear, then rib and if necessary, then to a synthetic implant. “I prefer to use my patient’s own tissue,” says Dr. Solomon. When an implant is necessary, available cartilage from the nasal septum and ear is used to cover and protect the implant from extrusion often creating natural, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results.

The Nasal Bridge

The bridge is another area that has its own specific requirements in Asian rhinoplasty Toronto. Though a well-defined high bridge is often desired by Asians seeking Rhinoplasty, a high bridge like a “Greek” or “Roman” nose is not compatible with Asian facial features, according to Dr. Solomon. Just above the eyelashes should be the starting point for the bridge, with a natural break between the bridge and forehead maintained to avoid an overly enhanced bridge. The height of the bridge can be built up with cartilage grafts or a synthetic implant. An increase in bridge height helps bring the nose in harmony with the features of the face.

The Nostrils

Dr. Solomon often finds that reconstructing and projecting the nasal tip narrows the nostrils reducing the need for more surgical intervention. If the nostrils are excessively wide, alar narrowing will be performed, according to Dr. Solomon. During your consultation, Dr. Solomon will thoroughly assess your internal and external nasal structures to determine your candidacy and the need for any treatment.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Not only is the anatomy of an Asian nose different from that of a Caucasian nose but depending upon the area from which a patient’s family originates, the finer details of the nose can be significantly different as well.

During the initial consultation, every aspect of your Asian rhinoplasty treatment will be discussed with you. Serving a large proportion of ethnic patients, Dr. Solomon’s Centre focuses on Asian rhinoplasty Toronto among other types, delivering the highest quality natural and well-balanced result for patients. If you are considering an Asian rhinoplasty, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Solomon. During this consultation, we will be able to understand your goals for cosmetic surgery and provide you with options on how to achieve the desired results. Sometimes, a combination of other procedures with an Asian rhinoplasty Toronto will be recommended in order to accomplish what a patient seeks aesthetically. It is our policy however to always put a patient’s needs first, ensuring that we deliver the best Toronto Asian rhinoplasty service possible.

Why Should I Seek An Asian Rhinoplasty Toronto?

If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery to repair aspects of your nose that are more prominent than preferred or to make certain details more projected or defined, an Asian rhinoplasty may be appropriate for you. If you are unhappy with the look of your nose, you might be an ideal candidate for an Asian rhinoplasty in Toronto. That said, if you are happy with the appearance and function of your nose, and if your nose is comfortable enough to pose no physical challenges, we would not recommend an Asian rhinoplasty Toronto. If you are happy, there is no reason to change a thing. If you are experiencing troubles however, that is why we are here. Specializing in Asian rhinoplasty, we have built our reputation on creating high satisfaction in patients. Via consultation, we will ensure proper expectations of what can be achieved surgically and will identify goals personalized for the patient. Dr. Solomon is a highly trained and specialized Toronto Asian rhinoplasty surgeon focusing much of his practice on nasal surgery as well as other facial treatments. He has extensive experience with the grafts and implants used to augment the nose, and is always happy to attend a consultation for a patient seeking these types of rhinoplasty results.

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A happy Asian woman after rhinoplasty
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Asian woman shows off her rhinoplasty results

Am I Right For An Asian Rhinoplasty?

Are you a candidate for an Asian rhinoplasty? If you are a healthy adult of Asian descent who wishes to enhance the beauty of their nose but who also wishes to pay attention to their ethnic identity as well, you qualify for an Asian rhinoplasty.

If you are considering an Asian rhinoplasty, we invite you to sit down with us to learn more about the procedure together, tailoring what would be done specifically to your arrangement of facial elements and keeping in mind your facial structure. Oftentimes, specialized techniques such as a thorough examination of skin thickness, an examination of the nasal bases, dorsum structure, and caudal septal will all be completed prior to engaging in an Asian rhinoplasty. The first step to ensuring that you are getting the highest quality treatment possible is to choose a facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Solomon, who has direct expertise in facial cosmetic surgery and who is dedicated to this specialty.

Dr. Solomon works to refine the nose of Asian patients and not necessarily to ‘change’ it. Through simple modifications to both the internal structure as well as the soft tissue of the nose, an Asian rhinoplasty can achieve an end result of a better defined, more natural looking nose. The finished product will also preserve the ethnicity of the patient and will be properly supported by a strong internal framework that keeps you looking healthy, confident and refreshed long into the future. Depending on a person’s facial structure, there are some limitations to Asian rhinoplasty which is why it is important to schedule a consultation prior to deciding on whether a rhinoplasty such as this is right for your long-term goals. We encourage all of our patients to be open in discussing what they want to have done and what to expect out of a procedure such as this. Please keep in mind that the effects of a rhinoplasty are permanent and, for that reason, you need to be sure of exactly what you want beforehand.

Please contact us today for more information on how we can assist with your rhinoplasty and we’d be happy to discuss with you all of the options available.

If you are not sure if you are ready for a surgery, you may want to consider Injection Rhinoplasty offered by Philip Solomon.


If there are aspects of your nose that you are not happy with, you have the opportunity to make the changes needed to get you the nose you’ve always wanted. Please feel encouraged to book a consultation to find out more information on the options available to you.

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