3 Things You Should Do Before Your Rhinoplasty in Toronto

Are you ready for your rhinoplasty in Toronto? Planning a procedure that will transform your look or improve how you breath every day can be exciting, and a little nerve-wracking. You should feel free to ask your surgeon all of your questions and share concerns so that you know exactly what to expect, but some practical preparation is easy to miss in the busyness of pre-op planning. We’ve provided a few tips below to help you get ready.

1. Buy Supplies And Fill Prescriptions Ahead of Time

If possible, ask your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon for any required medication prescriptions in the week before your surgical day. You may be advised to take a supplement to help with minimizing brusing and swelling as well as being provided with a script for strong pain medication as well. The day of your procedure, finding a pharmacy to visit before going home can be an inconvenience. You’ll need someone with you to drive you home and help you get simple tasks done such as meal preparation. You can ask a friend to pick up supplies for you, but it’s best to have everything ready. You may need gauze, hydrogen peroxide, polysporin and Q-tips as well as cold packs to lay over the cheeks and eyes for the first few days. Anti-nauseant medication and some soft, bland foods like crackers and soup are also great to have around.

2. Plan On Having Help At Home After Your Rhinoplasty In Toronto

People often hesitate to ask for help. That may be due to privacy, or feeling guilty for favors asked, but whether you enlist friends and family or pay for a nanny, house-keeper or nurse, it’s strongly recommended that you surround yourself with support and extra hands in the first week post op. You will need to forgo some more demanding daily tasks such as cleaning, child, andpetcare, and you cannot drive while taking narcotic pain medication. Most patients like to stay close to home or hotel room while they are a little bruised and swollen, so having someone reliable to run errands will prevent unnecessary worry.

3. Plan To Be Patient

We know you’re looking forward to a new look or the way your new nose will feel after surgery. Some people report that they breath better instantly after having a deviated septum corrected and that’s a pleasant change, but the appearance of your nose will take many months to evolve. Delicate nasal tissue, especially the nasal tip, holds on to inflammation for a long time so even after initial swelling has resolved, you’ll still have a wait before the complete “reveal.” It helps to know what to expect and to know what a realistic timeline is, so talk to your surgeon and mentally prepare. You’ll feel great long before your final results are evident. The good news is, most swelling and bruising is resolved within 14 days, and you can get back to regular life rather quickly. Most people won’tnotice the pesky amount of slight swelling that you can still see a few months out. Meet with your surgeon to talk about progress regularly and keep positive because your long-term results will be well worth it!


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