African american rhinoplasty comes with its own considerations.

African American Rhinoplasty Comes With Its Own Considerations

Rhinoplasty is a nose reconstruction cosmetic surgery that requires special considerations when being completed for patients of varying ethnicities, as the nose needs to harmonize and enhance other facial features. At his practice, Dr. Phillip Solomon aims to provide all his rhinoplasty patients with a natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing result while maintaining overall ethnic characteristics.

In years past, rhinoplasty procedures were based on a European model that had a “cookie-cutter” approach. Dr. Solomon approaches each unique case with an individualized approach and has 20 years experience specializing in rhinoplasty having developed unique techniques to create a beautiful nose for patients of all ethnicities.

A portion of Dr. Solomon’s patients come from African descent and thus, he’s developed the surgical skills required to reconstruct a nose that reflects their natural beauty and facial harmony. Aside from the common techniques in rhinoplasty such as bridge augmentation and a nasal base reduction, an African American rhinoplasty in Toronto has the following special considerations.

When an African American patient seeks a rhinoplasty, many plastic surgeons make the mistake of approaching the surgery as a Caucasian rhinoplasty, resulting in unnaturally defined noses with implants or an overly aggressive nose reduction.

Another common error when facing rhinoplasty of different ethnicities, is “painting all with a broad brush”. Despite the fact that two patients may both be African American, there is a rich, diverse and very wide-spread spectrum of facial aesthetics. Therefore, Dr. Solomon will work with each patient to create an individualized treatment strategy for their aesthetic goals in order to achieve the best possible results. After all, the nose must fit the face and enhance the other facial features after a Toronto African American rhinoplasty.

When working on the treatment plan, Dr. Solomon must consider the following nasal features that are associated with many but not all African American patients. These are anatomic features that must be identified prior to the surgery to avoid any intra-operative surprises.

  • Low nasal bridge
  • Washed out nasal bridge
  • Short nasal bones
  • Wide nasal bones
  • Skin texture and oil
  • Medium to thick skin envelope
  • Broad nasal tip cartilage
  • Weak cartilage at nose tip
  • Flared nostrils
  • Potential for hyper- or hypo-pigmented scars following surgery
  • Potential for keloid scars following surgery

However, there are significant variations in these characteristics between patients due to geographical location and origin of birth. Therefore, when carrying out a Toronto African American rhinoplasty, Dr. Philip Solomon takes the time and care to ensure that the identity and heritage of his patients is maintained.

Although not common, there will be times when it is more ethical to educate and dissuade a patient from pursuing a rhinoplasty, then to carry out an aggressive and destabilizing rhinoplasty that compromises the structure of the nose.

On the contrary, when safe and suitable surgical techniques are performed by experienced and dedicated plastic surgeons, significant improvements and natural-looking noses can result from a Toronto African American rhinoplasty.

If you are seeking a rhinoplasty in Toronto to correct the balance of your facial features, please feel welcome to contact our clinic for a private discussion with Dr. Solomon to learn how we can help you achieve a nose that will enhance your natural beauty.


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