Speed Up Your Toronto Rhinoplasty Recovery With These 5 Tips!

The benefits of rhinoplasty surgery include easier breathing, improved sleep, and correction of deformities or imbalanced proportions on the face. Considered to be one of the most popular cosmetic operations performed in North America, patients of all ages choose to improve their appearance and their lives each day through rhinoplasty in Toronto. Whether you’re getting ready for your transformation, or still in the research and planning stage, we’ve compiled five useful tips for recovery that could help make your experience a breeze.

1. Please don’t smoke. Use of any nicotine product will constrict blood flow, and that can have severe repercussions for healing. If you smoke, your surgeon will likely advise you to stop at least two weeks before and after your procedure.

2. Keep your head up! Your facial plastic surgeon will recommend that you sleep with your head and shoulders elevated for the first two weeks after rhinoplasty in Toronto. They’ll also tell you to avoid bending over or lifting anything heavy, and there’s a good reason for this. Increased blood pressure in the head area will cause swelling to increase and with it, discomfort and bruising. Avoiding activities that raise your heart rate and blood pressure is a key to safe recovery as well. Though it may be tempting; no sex or workouts until your surgeon gives the all-clear.

3. Call on friends or hire a hand. Many people hesitate to ask for help or spend money on support because they are independent but now’s the time to pamper yourself. While you will certainly not be bedridden, you won’t be able to lift children, clean the house or participate in other strenuous activities for some time after surgery. You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure, and you won’t be able to drive if taking narcotic pain medication. Planning ahead for assistance can significantly reduce stress during recovery.

4. Avoid spicy food. The natural reaction in mucous membranes such as those of the nasal passages is to swell and create mucous in response to hot substances. Any additional swelling or irritation in your mouth, nose, andsinuses will be unpleasant and unhelpful during recovery.

5. Follow instructions. You carefully chose a talented and reputable Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon for your procedure, but once you’re at home, much of your result will depend on you and how well you follow instructions. You should attend the post-op appointments you’re given. Even if you feel fine, your surgeon will assess you and make sure all is well on a regular basis which enables them to catch any potential issues early. Your risk of injury or infection post-operatively is highest during the first weeks so even the seemingly unnecessary restrictions must not be ignored. Don’t wear glasses, resist going to the gym, don’t go out dancing and avoid sports- all until your surgeon has cleared you. The short-term frustration will be wellworth it in the long run.


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