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The Do’s and Don’ts After A Rhinoplasty in Toronto

Do: Schedule more than enough time off work.

You may hear that you can return to work in one week, and you may even be tempted to push it sooner than that but ideally, one to two weeks rest is best. You’ll need to avoid bending over, laying down flat, increasing blood pressure or heart rate and a few other activities. As well, you may feel congested and swollen and look that way too! As tempting as it is for busy people to get back to the daily grind, we strongly recommend they don’t underestimate the time needed to recover.

Do: Expect to be uncomfortable for at least one week.

Luckily, most people do not describe a rhinoplasty in Toronto as a very painful procedure to recover from. However, you may feel pressure and congestion. Moderate pain, swelling and bruising are all a normal part of cosmetic surgery recovery so if your expectations are realistic, you’ll have an easier time when discomfort is at its peak. Your surgeon will provide you with options for pain medication as needed. You can likely apply cold compresses to the eyes and cheeks if desired in the days post op, but don’t put anything, including icepacks, onto the nose itself.

Don’t: Workout, play sports or do anything else that could injure you.

Even though Toronto rhinoplasty surgeons will always stress that avoiding physical activity and potential for nasal trauma is critical, some people still take their chances and get back at it too soon.Perhaps it’s because they feel great a few weeks post-op, or because they just can’t stay away from the sports they love, but whatever the reason, putting the nose at risk of impact within the first few months increases the chances of bleeding, poor outcome or requiring a second surgery. Trust your surgeon, try to be patient and wait it out.

Do: Keep appointments with your surgeon. Even if you think everything is fine, ( and it probably is) your surgeon knows what to look for, can keep an eye out for issues and track your progress with you.

Don’t: Ignore signs of bleeding, infection or other problems. If you think you may have injured yourself or done something wrong, don’t let that keep you from telling your surgeon the truth ASAP. They will want to ensure your health, safety, and best possible results, so they need to know about concerns. Do you have more questions? Contact us today– we’d love to hear from you.


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