Determining the cost of a rhinoplasty in Toronto is a priority for most potential patients. If you’re considering rhinoplasty, it may be a significant consideration. Most people have a budget they’d like to stay within, yet it can be challenging to arrive at a specific dollar amount if you’re researching online. That’s because everyone is unique, and so are their noses. We’ll provide an overview of how rhinoplasty is priced, and the best way to understand specifics for your procedure is to meet with Dr. Phillip Solomon in person for a consultation.

Toronto rhinoplasty prices, compared with other cities

You may notice while you’re reviewing websites of facial plastic surgeons that procedure pricing changes between geographic locations. Real estate and overhead costs to operate a surgical centre in metropolitan areas can be very high compared with smaller cities. That means clinic fees for related service in cities like New York, or Beverly Hills will be higher than Toronto, but our city’s prices tend to be higher than Ottawa or Edmonton.

Nose job variables

The rhinoplasty procedure will usually cost a minimum of $9,000 +HST, and variables like septum repair, implants, revision work or complexity of a case will raise that number. A few factors that affect clinic fees include equipment used, anaesthetic, facility accreditation, surgical staff’s skill levels, and your facial surgeon’s experience. When the operating time is longer, all the related fees are extended.

If an obstructed airway caused by a deviated septum requires an operation, a portion of the surgical fee may be covered by provincial health insurance. Many people combine aesthetic changes with functional ones, through a septorhinoplasty.

During your Toronto rhinoplasty consultation

Before calculating your surgical quote, you’ll meet with your surgeon and discuss all the details of your procedure. They’ll examine your nose, listen to your concerns and questions, then make professional recommendations. Patients are often able to see 3D digital imaging that helps them visualize potential results. The surgeon will explain the pros and cons, what recovery is like, and what outcomes to expect. Depending on your needs and their technical approach, your rhinoplasty may be done with the “open” or “closed” method. Open access allows for more complex changes to be made, But surgery time is typically longer, which influences the cost.

Surgery financing

Dr. Solomon works with reliable medical financing companies who help make cosmetic surgery more convenient and affordable. We can put you in touch to see if you qualify. If so, you’ll have the option to make small monthly payments rather than a one-time fee. Our patients appreciate being able to make their aesthetic dreams come true faster, without finances holding them back.

Call or write to schedule your consultation today

No matter the fee, it’s essential that your surgeon be skilled and experienced in the area of your surgery. You need a rhinoplasty specialist who is very familiar with diverse nose job techniques and provides consistently natural-looking outcomes for clients. It’s also vital to feel well-informed, never rushed, and to have good rapport with your surgeon. Dr. Solomon welcomes you to book your first appointment and start the conversation about your rhinoplasty in Toronto, today.