In Toronto, rhinoplasty popularity endures with patients of all ages seeking this transformative facial surgery each year. Are you like many people who wonder how much time you really need to heal after nasal surgery?

When it comes to scheduling time off work and other important daily activities like school and childcare, the logistics may seem intimidating. We at the Solomon Nasal and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Centre have welcome news for you; rhinoplasty recovery is probably less more manageable to accommodate than you think.

What’s The Most Challenging Part Of A Nose Job Recovery?

The feedback Dr. Phillip Solomon hears most often is that a stuffy, swollen-feeling throughout the first week is annoying, and it certainly can be. However, pain medication prescribed is typically more than sufficient to keep patients comfortable and highly specialized, atraumatic methods are used to minimize inflammation or discomfort post-operatively.

Does Everyone Take The Same Amount Of Time Off Work After Toronto Rhinoplasty?

Those who don’t mind being seen with a little visible swelling or bruising are at somewhat of an advantage because they can usually return to light work after 1 week. If you have a job that doesn’t require strenuous, physical activity from you, this often works out well. As cosmetic procedures become more alluring for men and women, and more socially acceptable, fewer people feel the need to hide out until all signs of surgery have resolved.

On the other hand, some will choose to take a full 2 weeks away from the demands of daily life and out of the public eye. This allows the body to almost entirely resolve any bruising or noticeable inflammation, and they can return to work feeling and looking great. It’s essential to know that the final, desired result will take several months to completely reveal. Though most others won’t see anything unusual about your face, you’ll notice a little residual swelling for several months.

What Should You Tell Your Coworkers?

It’s completely up to you, but you’ll likely need to consider whether you’ll tell colleagues about your surgery and if you’ll feel comfortable answering questions. Some astute observers will undoubtedly notice, if not a cast and swelling, then the new refined shape and profile of your nose.

A final tip: if you work in the public eye as a TV personality, model or actor, you may want to schedule more than two weeks away. Because the industry is more observant of subtle changes, the ongoing settling and refining of the tip might not go unnoticed. During an off-season or hiatus, you could refresh your look entirely and return fully healed and ready.

Double board-certified facial surgeon, Dr. Phillip Solomon, is a highly sought-after Toronto rhinoplasty expert. He sees numerous patients of all ages gender and background to revitalize, repair or reconstruct their noses. We’re especially adept in collaborating with our clients to accommodate their busy work schedules and lives. We welcome you to call and set up your personal consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you.