People often know from a young age if there’s a nose characteristic they want to change. Toronto rhinoplasty patients choose surgical enhancement for several reasons. You may have a nose you feel is too big, too small, crooked, droopy or has a prominent bump. The uniqueness of each person’s face is part of what makes them interesting and harmonizes all their features. However, when people feel self-conscious or attempt to hide their nose regularly, it can negatively affect their lives. If a young person chooses to undergo a rhinoplasty, how old should they be?

Can teenagers have rhinoplasty in Toronto?

Perhaps more than ever, young people are focused on their looks with the abundance of selfies being taken and shared widely. Teenagers represent a large portion of nose job patients. Unlike other popular facial cosmetic surgeries geared toward anti-ageing benefits, the nose job has become socially acceptable and desired by a much younger age group. Intervening in the teens could potentially allow the patient to enjoy a lifetime with a nose they feel better about. How early, is too early? The answer is somewhat individual and depends on a few factors.

Rhinoplasty surgeons consider the following:

Patients who have finished growing can be appropriate candidates for elective surgery. The facial bones, in particular, will stop growing around age 16 for girls and a year or two later for boys. Whenever a facial surgeon plans alteration to bone, cartilage and skin, the results depend on tissue stability. If a nose job is done while structures are still expanding, the final result might not be in proportion with the rest of the face. Surgeons can prepare for and deliver long-lasting, desired results based on the maturity of those tissues.

Mental and emotional age are also essential. The surgeon must gauge whether a patient is capable of enduring post-surgical recovery and following instructions. They should have realistic expectations, including the need for time off and some discomfort, swelling and bruising. Emotional and mental maturity also has to do with appreciating the permanence of cosmetic surgery, and the fact that they will look different after the procedure. They should feel comfortable and confident before proceeding. If a surgeon thinks that the patient is uncertain or afraid, they’ll likely be advised to take plenty more time considering the treatment.

A positive aspect of surgical recovery for young clients is that they tend to heal quickly. Youthful tissue is elastic and vascular with rapid cell regeneration capability. Teenaged rhinoplasty patients tend to have quick, straightforward healing experiences.

Is there an upper age limit for rhinoplasty?

It’s less typical for people to ask about nose jobs for older clients, but they do take place. Just as with teens, the deciding factors are individual. These include overall health and mental state. Patients who don’t have immune disorders or chronic diseases and who can safely undergo general anaesthesia may consider cosmetic surgery at nearly any age. Their personalized consultation with a facial surgery specialist will help determine if the procedure can safely meet their needs.

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