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If you have ever thought about reshaping your nose, undergoing facial cosmetic surgery for the first time, you may be the right candidate for what we call a rhinoplasty Niagara Falls surgery.

The term Rhinoplasty refers to those who have nothad previous nose surgeries or trauma to the nose. Generally, Rhinoplasty Niagara Falls is achieved through manipulation of existing nasal structures by resizing, reshaping or augmenting the primary structures.

Dr. Solomon has completed thousands of rhinoplasty surgeries on patients spanning in gender, ethnicity, and from all different types of backgrounds. Throughout the Niagara Falls, rhinoplasty has become an extremely sought after cosmetic surgery and is one of the most popular in the city as well as the country. Among the various patients we have worked on, these include Caucasian, African-American, and Persian ethnicities; male and female genders; members of the transgender community transitioning from male to female and female to male; and other patients as well. If you are self-conscious about your nose and want to change its look while retaining the natural beauty of your face, it is important to seek out an experienced facial cosmetic surgeon who has the knowledge and expertise to be able to work on your nose. Changing the shape of your nose has an immediate impact on the balance and proportions of the features on your face. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, such as Dr. Solomon, will work to reshape your nose, addressing the aesthetic issues present but doing so while keeping in mind the other details and features of your face.

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What To Know About Your Rhinoplasty Niagara Falls Surgeon

The Rhinoplasty surgeon now must prepare a plan for surgery that is expected to correct the aesthetic and functional deformities. Though this step may sound simple, it is quite complex and requires a great deal of experience.

A cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty will experience many different types of nasal anatomic structures and is more capable of effectively correcting the problems that arise. Small dorsal humps and a bulbous are more common problems among the nasal complications and easier to correct than on a severely over-resected and previously operated nose. Even the least complicated nose surgeries entail large amounts of detail oriented work and precision in execution.

More About Rhinoplasty Niagara Falls Surgery

Primary rhinoplasty is known by several other terms including ‘nose job’, ‘nose surgery’, and ‘nose reshaping’. These terms all mean the same thing.

There are many advantages to getting a rhinoplasty Niagara Falls surgery including its procedure time lasting approximately 2 hours; the amount of treatment required only being one single treatment; and the results being permanent – unlike other facial cosmetic surgeries.

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rhinoplasty Niagara Falls
rhinoplasty Niagara Falls

Best Candidates for Rhinoplasty Niagara Falls

The best candidates for a primary rhinoplasty Niagara Falls is generally those whose nose is too large, too wide, or if the tip of the nose needs reshaping.

A rhinoplasty can address a number of different issues including modifying nose size in relation to your face, nose width at the bridge, the size and position of the nostrils, and nose profile i.e. downsizing any visible humps, bumps, and/or depressions on the bridge. A primary rhinoplasty Niagara Falls such as this can also correct nasal asymmetry.

It is important to understand how a primary rhinoplasty Niagara Falls works as it pertains to the structure of the nose. The septum is the wall between the two nostrils. Dividing the nasal cavity into two halves, the septum is built of cartilage and bone. Ideally a nasal septum will be straight, perfectly separating the left and right sides of the nose into passageways of equal size. Much in the same way that physical bodies are built, this type of perfect symmetry is not achieved in most people. If you are happy with the look of your nose and don’t feel a need to repair it, leave it alone. As it is with any part of the body, if it is not causing you difficulties mentally or physically and is causing no damage then a patient may not feel the need to change it in any way.

If you have not previously had a rhinoplasty, thereby making you eligible for a ‘primary rhinoplasty’, going with an expert surgeon such as Dr. Solomon should be a priority. Having an experienced, expert surgeon such as Dr. Solomon at your side to guide you through the process will help eliminate the possibility of complications such as infection, bleeding, breathing issues via nasal obstruction, dissatisfaction with the cosmetic results, having to undergo additional touch-up surgeries, anesthesia complications, and/or septal perforation i.e. when a small home in the septum causes turbulence that results in a whistle when a person sings or speaks.

The Two Types Of Rhinoplasty Niagara Falls

Open rhinoplasty: Commonly used for major nose reshaping, an ‘open rhinoplasty’ is when the incisions are made in the vertical strip of skin that separates the nostrils. The skin and soft tissue will then be elevated off the underlying structures of the nose so that the surgeon can see the nasal anatomy in full and be able to perform the outlined procedure.

Closed rhinoplasty: Typically used for minor reshaping, a ‘closed rhinoplasty’ involves surgeons making incisions from within the nose. The skin of the nose is then separated from the bone and a cartilage. Once exposed, the bone and cartilage can be removed, reshaped, augmented, or re-arranged to achieve the desired new shape.

How We Evaluate Your Nose For A Rhinoplasty Niagara Falls

Having never had a rhinoplasty before, getting one can be an intimidating process.

The first step however is to schedule a consultation. Among the initial steps is to evaluate your nose, something that will be performed by your surgeon. A large part of this is using advanced computer imaging to ‘try on’ different noses. This will also give you the opportunity to understand the limitations of a rhinoplasty and to agree on realistic expectations for your primary rhinoplasty Niagara Falls. Many of our patients have in the past brought in examples of noses that appeal to them. This sometimes can help in the dialogue towards establishing a solid set of expectations for your primary rhinoplasty Niagara Falls. This will also give us a better idea of what you want in a nose. At times, we may recommend other facial procedures to help to achieve better balance and facial proportions. This depends entirely upon the patient however and the expectations of what they hope to achieve with their rhinoplasty.

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rhinoplasty Niagara Falls

Recovering From A Rhinoplasty Surgery

Immediately after a rhinoplasty, we have had many patients express excitement and sometimes anxiety at seeing their new nose.

It is always important to be aware of the fact that the recovery process of a rhinoplasty Niagara Falls takes time. The complete results will not be evident immediately. Truth be told it can take up to a full year for the extent of a rhinoplasty Niagara Falls to be fully seen.

The first 24 hours following a rhinoplasty Niagara Falls may see several issues occurring. You may be unable to breathe through your nose for the first 24 hours due to swelling primarily. This is normal. There may be some discomfort and slight pain, which is why pain medicine is often recommended to help mitigate the after-effects. This discomfort should subside within the two days following the rhinoplasty Niagara Falls surgery process. There may also be limited bleeding during the first few days following. It is highly important to avoid any trauma to the nose in the first week after surgery. In addition, you should not blow your nose for 4 weeks following rhinoplasty, however you can use a saline spray and gentle mist for some relief.

Is A Rhinoplasty Surgery Right For Me?

If you were born with a nose that truly makes you unhappy or that makes you self-conscious, a rhinoplasty is right for you. If you are unhappy with how your nose has aged, even slight changes to the shape of your nose can have a dramatic effect on its appearance. A rhinoplasty Niagara Falls can reshape deformities, reshape changes from aging, and can restore its balance. Feel free to check our previous patients reviews and If you are interested in finding out more about a rhinoplasty Niagara Falls, please contact Dr. Solomon today and schedule a consultation.

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If there are aspects of your nose that you are not happy with, you have the opportunity to make the changes needed to get you the nose you’ve always wanted. Please feel encouraged to book a consultation to find out more information on the options available to you.

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