Settled by European settlers in the late eighteenth century, the area now known as Etobicoke was once home to several small villages and towns that grew into each other and eventually developed into a larger community.

Bordered by Lake Ontario, the Humber River, and Etobicoke Creek, the area is now home to a diverse population of almost 350 000 immigrants from around the world.

With the lowest population density in Toronto, Etobicoke remains predominantly residential and suburban in development with large main streets and pockets of industry along the highways and expressways that crisscross the area. Thanks to a booming construction industry there are many new condominiums being built up along the waterfront near Humber Bay and along Bloor Street.

Formerly a suburban borough of Toronto, it is no surprise that the people of Etobicoke are used to travelling the short distance into the city and its surrounding communities in order to find the best experiences and the best services around.

If you’re thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery, consideration should be put into your travel to and from your surgeon’s office or hospital of choice. Having the ability to easily travel back and forth with little distance is of great assistance, as you’ll be less likely to experience discomfort in your travels.

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Dr. Philip Solomon
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  1. Head west on Gardiner Expy W
  2. Take exit 139 for ON-427/Brown’s Line/Sherway Gardens Road towards Ontario 401
  3. Keep right following signs for ON-427/ON-401/Airport
  4. Continue onto ON-427 N
  5. Exit onto ON-401 E
  6. Keep left at the fork to continue onto Ontario 401 Express
  7. Take exit 359 to merge onto ON-400 N towards Barrie
  8. Exit at Highway 7 towards Langstaff Road
  9. Keep right to continue towards Hwy 7/Regional Rd 7
  10. Turn right onto Hwy 7/Regional Rd 7
  11. Turn right onto Centre St/York Regional Rd 71 following signs for Centre Street/ON-71
  12. Our office will be on the right