Named by John Graves Simcoe for his friend and then Archbishop of York William Markham, this city is now the fourth largest in the Greater Toronto Area and continues to grow at a rate almost three times that of the national growth rate.

Home to a population of over 300 000 Canadian citizens and immigrants, it has the highest percentage of visible minorities of all Canadian cities with over 72% of the population qualifying.

The high-tech capital of the country, Markham is also home to hundreds of Internet-focused companies and small tech startups as well as the global or national headquarters of many multinational companies such as American Express, Honda Canada, Hyundai, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, Honeywell, and Apple Inc. Nearly one-fifth of the population of Markham is employed in business services, but the area also boasts over 900 life sciences and technology related businesses.

Made up of several small communities, each with their own flavor and character, Markham is a diverse and largely suburban area that thrives thanks in part to its proximity to the city of Toronto.

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