Located in arguably the most fertile and beautiful region of Southern Ontario, the Niagara region is perhaps best known for its world-class wineries. Also home to a wide variety of local theatre groups, antique shops, museums, gardens, golf courses, and galleries, this area includes the falls themselves and the small town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Just over 15 000 people live in this historic town which attracts thousands of visitors each year with its boutiques shops, historic buildings, and quaint, small town culture.

The Falls have attracted many daredevils over the years with up to 15 people intentionally going over in barrels. In 1901 Annie Edson Taylor, a school teacher from Michigan, was the first such adventurer to try her luck and, following her success, inspired many to follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately not everyone who attempted the risky stunt experienced the same good luck.

Now a large part of the hydroelectric system in Ontario, Niagara Falls provide an excellent and highly sustainable source of hydroelectric power with over 6 million cubic feet of water falling from the Horseshoe Falls per minute. This makes this waterfall the most powerful in all of North America by flow rate and vertical height.

Despite the beauty and rich history of the area, not all services can be found close to home and residents of this region know that sometimes it is worth traveling to find the very best customer service and talent.

This is no less true of cosmetic surgery, and our expert staff frequently consult with residents of the Niagara region who have traveled to Toronto for our world-class rhinoplasty services. If you are thinking about a nose job, contact us today or use the following links for more information!

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