Once a major lumber center, Sudbury was actually founded thanks to a chance discovery of nickel ore in 1883 by Tom Flanagan, a blacksmith for the Canadian Pacific Railway. The region quickly emerged as a world leader in nickel mining and remains a profitable area. The ore found in the region is believed to be the result of the same impact that created the Sudbury Basin nearly 2 million years ago and contains many valuable materials including nickel, platinum, copper, palladium, and more.

Named for a town in Suffolk, England by James Worthington, the commissioner of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Sudbury has since expanded from a predominantly resource-focused economy into an economic, retail, health, and education center for the area.

Home to many art galleries dedicated to local and Canadian artists as well as heritage and science museums, Sudbury is no doubt a place known for both great beauty and education.

Science North is an interactive museum that welcomes over 287 000 visitors each year and is the most popular attraction in the region. Dynamic Earth is another science museum in the region and focuses on geology and mining history. It is also home to the Big Nickel, the most famous landmark in the region.

Boasting a humid, continental climate Sudbury experiences warm summers and long, cold, snowy winters. There is lots of green space and over 330 lakes, 2 watersheds, and many small, rocky mountains made of the same igneous rock as the Canadian Shield. Six provincial parks grace the area including Chiniguchi River, Fairbank, Daisy Lake Uplands, Killarney Lakelands and Headwaters, Windy Lake, and Wanapitei.

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  1. Head south on Whittaker St toward Victoria St
  2. Turn left onto Victoria St
  3. Turn right onto Regent St/Greater Sudbury Regional Rd 38
  4. Take a slight right onto Lorne St/Greater Sudbury Regional Rd 55 following signs for Regional Road 55 W/ON-17 W
  5. Turn left onto Regent St/Greater Sudbury Regional Rd 46 following signs for Ontario 69 S
  6. Continue onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-69 S
  7. Continue onto Trans-Canada Hwy
  8. Continue onto ON-400 S
  9. Take exit 29 towards Hwy 7/York Regional Rd 7
  10. Keep right to stay on exit 29 following signs for ON-7/Regional Road 7
  11. Turn left onto Hwy 7/York Regional Rd 7 following signs for ON-7 E/Regional Rd 7 E
  12. Turn right onto Centre Street/ON-71
  13. Our office will be on the right