Patients who undergo a nose job in Toronto often love their results and say they’d do it again. Rhinoplasty delivers a high satisfaction rate, but there are important considerations for optimal recovery. As a complex and invasive cosmetic surgery, it requires detailed instruction and extra care while healing to ensure the best possible results. Here, we’ll share our top 5 tips to make your nose job recovery comfortable and successful.

1. Get your wardrobe ready

But this is a facial surgery you say, why do I need to prepare clothes after a nose job in Toronto? You’d be surprised how many items you pull over your face that could contact your nose, daily. You’ll appreciate having a few button-down pyjamas and shirts to wear when you go out. You won’t be able to pull clothing over your face for at least a week or two. Planning ahead with a week’s worth of easy-on tops will help make your recovery smooth and stress-free.

2. Take care of your hair

If you have long hair, plenty of soft hair elastics and headbands will come in handy to keep it out of your face. Washing your hair will be tricky at first, and you won’t be cleansing your face as you’re accustomed to. Having the hair clean and pulled back will save you some hassle and discomfort.

3. Set up your bed ahead of time

You’ll be advised to get up and walk around regularly, but many Toronto nose job patients spend a fair amount of time lounging in bed or on the couch in the first few days. You’ll need to keep your head elevated, but simply stuffing pillows under your neck isn’t good for posture or comfort. A special bed wedge pillow is helpful, as is raising the entire top end of your mattress before surgery. This elevation provides firm support for shoulders and head, while additional cushions can position you and prevent rolling over.

4. Plan bedside entertainment

Sometimes spending hours in bed or a recliner can be somewhat boring. You’ll be able to catch up on Netflix binges, but we recommend you have books, magazines, games and other distractions to occupy you near your recovery area. This is an excellent time to ask friends to visit you for a bedside chat too, and can help keep your spirits up.

5. Drinks and snacks

Because of temporary swelling in the face, eating and chewing can feel a bit laborious for the first few days post-procedure. Plan ahead with protein shakes, pudding, ice-cream and other hydration options you enjoy. You’ll want to purchase straws to make drinking easier and have light, easy to chew meals on hand. Most of your medications should be taken with food so crackers, soup, toast and other light snacks will come in handy until your appetite returns completely.

Your mouth may dry out faster than usual in the first week after the procedure because you’ll be breathing more through your mouth. A humidifier in the room, plenty of water and lip-gloss on hand will make you comfortable.

If you have additional questions about rhinoplasty recovery, or you’d like to book your own consultation, we’d be happy to hear from you. Contact Solomon Facial Plastic today.