Toronto Rhinoplasty – A Review Of The Top African American Techniques

When it comes to rhinoplasty surgery in Toronto, we see a diversity of patients with very different ethnic backgrounds. Ethnicity plays a significant role since it defines certain physical characteristics unique to each group. African American nose structure and features will be very different from a European patient’s nose. Therefore, Dr. Solomon performs Toronto African American rhinoplasty to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals while preserving their unique, ethnic appearance.

Typically, we see Caucasian patients seeking rhinoplasty surgery as a method of reducing the overall size of their nose, while our African American patients wish to enhance their nose for better balance with the rest of their facial features. African American patients will generally undergo an augmentation rhinoplasty as part of their rhinoplasty procedure.

Augmentation rhinoplasty refers to “an increase in size” to a specific portion of the nose. In African American patients, it is common to augment the dorsal bridge, also known as the nasal bridge, with structural enhancement techniques. Due to ethnic differences and different goals for the surgery, a Toronto African American rhinoplasty procedure is different than a Caucasian rhinoplasty surgery.

In general, African American noses have a weaker cartilage at the nasal tip and thicker skin, causing a flatter and wider appearance of the nose. The specific techniques that are used in a surgery will also vary between African American patients because of different characteristics being addressed, including: wide nostrils, wise nose bridge and a lack of a defined nasal tip.

Since the nose is a delicate component to an individual’s face and facial structure, it is important that an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure is performed by a highly-qualified surgeon with the necessary skills and experience.

In an African American rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Philip Solomon employs a different set of surgical techniques to achieve the desired natural-looking results while maintaining the unique, ethnic aesthetics of his patients. The different surgical techniques that are commonly used in an African American rhinoplasty will alter the nose, rejuvenate its appearance and rebuild the nasal structure for the best possible outcome that reflects the patient’s wishes.

There is a number of rhinoplasty techniques that can be used when surgeons are dealing with African American patients. The most common and frequently employed technique for the procedure is cartilage grafting. This process aims to add strength and support to the nasal tip in a fashion that is similar to elevating a tent with a post. The cartilage graft can originate from various areas such as the nasal septum, the ear cartilage and even the rib cartilage. Synthetic implants are also available and may be recommended for reconstruction of the nasal tip.

Another popular technique used in a Toronto African American rhinoplasty is raising the nasal bridge to produce a more proportioned nose that appears narrower. This is similar to nasal tip reconstruction as it also requires cartilage grafting from the nose, ear or ribs. In certain contexts, synthetic implants can also be used to dramatically enhance the nasal bridge.

By tailoring his techniques to each patient, their unique facial features and their goals, Dr. Solomon is able to generate a very personalized and natural result for his population of African American patients. If you are interested in a rhinoplasty, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic for a private consultation with Dr. Philip Solomon to learn how he can best help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


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