Have You Ever Heard The Tip Of A Nose Referred To As Bulbous?

Perhaps you’ve come across tip rhinoplasty in Toronto and wonder if this could be the surgical solution for you. Plenty of people want to change something about their nose. They research the procedure online, but the various terms used to describe cosmetic surgery can be tricky to decipher, or overwhelming. Don’t worry! We’re going to explain what this popular type of nose correction is so that you can plan your next steps.

You Mean There’s More Than One Type Of Toronto Rhinoplasty?

Most people can quickly bring to mind the image of an ‘overdone’ nose job that simply thinned out a person’s nose to the point that they look a little unreal. It used to be that common nasal surgery methods decreased the size and width of a person’s entire nose, and results seemed to be ‘one-size-fits-all.’

The problem with that is, people are not one-size-fits-all, and sometimes, there is just one little thing bugging you about your features. With incredible advancements in medical technology and cosmetic facial surgeons trained to be true artists, subtle adjustments are possible for just one area of the nose, such as the tip.

What Difference Does The Tip Of Your Nose Make?

When the end of the nose, the area that projects forward the farthest, appears overly full, wide or misshapen, it has a significant impact on your overall appearance. In fact, a rounded, enlarged nose tip is commonly referred to as a bulbous tip and describes a ball shape, rather than refined, defined or pointed features.

Thick nasal skin, an abundance of cartilage and genetic traits contribute to the shape of nasal features. A person with a wide or rounded nose may also have flared alar features and feel they lack elegance or definition. A round, stubby nose can appear cute and childlike as well, but plenty of adults do not find this appealing. So, how do facial plastic surgeons solve this problem?

The Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty Procedure

Even though it deals with one area, soft tissue and cartilage, the procedure known as ‘tip plasty’ is more complicated than you may realize. The goal is to decrease the width of the tip, refine and define the nose characteristics while preserving the appropriate proportion and balance with other facial features. Simply removing material is not always the correct solution as complex strength and structure are intertwined with the delicate nasal cartilage anatomy.

If the surgery is not performed by an expert, nasal obstruction, loss of strength and definition, or an unnatural appearance may result. A prevalent misconception is that plenty of cartilage and skin must be removed to slim down or refine a wide nose. In fact, careful adjustment of inner structures can create powerful transformation without removing much material at all.

We recommend you research well to select a board certified, facial cosmetic surgery expert who devotes significant practice focus to rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Phillip Solomon is double board certified in both Canada and the United States and has years of advanced practice experience, targeted specifically to this complex area of cosmetic surgery.

His expertise and artistry allow him to create beautiful nose improvements while preserving natural ethnic and characteristic facial harmony. He truly listens to his clients to deliver results that precisely match their goals, which is an essential part of planning for rhinoplasty in Toronto. When you’re ready to talk about next steps, we’d love to hear from you.