It seems like no matter the subject; we can find a debate about how men and women do various things differently. That said, both sexes show a great interest in cosmetic surgery, with men steadily catching up as they seek both surgical and non-invasive treatments to preserve youthful good looks. Men and women both keep rhinoplasty in Toronto at the top of the most requested list. However, is the procedure done differently for either gender? We’ve compiled a list of commonalities, along with some differences you may find interesting.

Consistent Features Of Rhinoplasty In Toronto

Also known as a “nose job,” this is one of the leading cosmetic procedures in the world. Patients of all ages, men, and women look to plastic surgery to give them dream noses. Functional issues such as a deviated septum often lead to breathing difficulties and a person may consider surgery for only this correction. However, it’s not uncommon to correct both functional and cosmetic concerns, which is termed septorhinoplasty.

Dr. Phillip Solomon is a renowned, double board certified facial cosmetic surgeon. Rhinoplasty is a complex field and one of his specialties. Every day, Dr. Solomon meets with people from all walks of life, ages and ethnic backgrounds who wish to improve the appearance of their nose and the key to his success is listening to each one individually. He plans each nasal surgery with existing proportions and facial harmony in mind. That means considering uniquely male and female characteristics when planning adjustments to the nose.

For both men and women, incisions are made inside the nostrils where they will be completely hidden (closed rhinoplasty), and sometimes a small incision on the skin between the nostrils is necessary as well (open rhinoplasty).

The closed technique is suitable for making many adjustments to nose alignment and shape. The open approach allows greater access and visibility, so this is the more effective choice depending on surgical plan complexity. Either way, the tiny incision will be hair-thin and hidden under the nose, or completely hidden inside.

Differences Between Male & Female Rhinoplasty In Toronto

Though the approach for either will be relatively similar, the changes made to internal structures and the aesthetic goals may differ. For those who wish to have a masculine nose, size will not be overly diminished and may, in fact, be increased with implant material to build up a robust and straight appearance. Men naturally have thicker skin, cartilage, and bone.

Overly slim, refined or delicate nose features may contribute to a less masculine effect, so changes are kept subtle. Historically, more women sought nose jobs than men, though the guys are catching up. For this reason, there remains a perception that nose surgery will result in a feminine nose. Men typically want to retain angular, straight and strong noses, so the surgeon takes great care to avoid rotating the tip or removing too much material.

A classic ‘feminine’ nose will be slightly slimmer than a man’s with a more refined tip which may upturn slightly. Women will typically prefer softer, rounder features and naturally have a lower, smaller bridge. If a delicate and dainty look is the goal, bone and cartilage can be sculpted accordingly.

What Goals Are Important To You?

Of course, anyone can seek nose characteristics based on his or her personal preference, and there are no hard and fast rules. Your cosmetic facial plastic surgeon will want to deliver the results you seek in a way that genuinely compliments your features. If you feel you’re ready to talk about next steps, we want to hear from you. Dr. Solomon has extensive experience working with men and women, creating noses they love.