Understanding the various costs associated with your rhinoplasty in Toronto will help you to feel confident and stress-free about your investment. The result of a nose job can be life-changing and will permanently improve your appearance, but this procedure often comes with a high price tag. It’s normal to have questions, and today we’ll explain how your surgical quote is created.

What factors influence the overall cost of a Toronto rhinoplasty?

We can typically break down the main contributing factors of a surgical quote into 3 sections: the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia, and the facility fees. Additionally, the type of procedure you have, the length, and complexity of your surgery will increase the costs in all 3 areas.

Facial Plastic Surgeon Fees

The surgeon’s fee will be variable depending on geographic location, their level of expertise and demand of your surgeon’s services. Their extensive education, certification and practice experience will not only contribute to optimal results, but also accounts for a significant amount of the value and procedure cost.

Your doctor can provide “before and after” photos, plus you may read patient reviews and determine whether your chosen surgeon is an expert in your procedure area. Your consultation is designed to inform you all about your procedure, but it also functions as a type of job interview that enables you to question your surgeon and be sure you’re choosing the best.

Anesthesia Fees

The licenced, accredited anesthesiologist, plus cost of sedation, will be a significant factor. General anesthesia is more expensive than local or IV sedation. It requires a high level of expertise and the medications used to put you to sleep safely are also somewhat pricey. These are valuable and essential elements to any safe surgery.

Facilities Fees

Your rhinoplasty in Toronto could be performed at a public hospital, or a private surgical centre. If your facial plastic surgeon owns and operates their own facility, you can verify that it is thoroughly inspected by the appropriate regulatory bodies, accredited and equipped. The experienced, licenced medical staff required to run an excellent surgical centre contribute to costs passed on to patients.

Top-of-the-line surgical tools and technology, nurses, miscellaneous equipment and supplies add up and increase depending on the length of time required for your surgery. Keep in mind that a procedure may vary between 2-4 hours on average, and your surgeon will quote you based on the time your particular operation requires.

Additional Fees

You can ask your surgeon to explain all costs included when you receive your quote, but the following are usually incorporated into costs: Pre and post-operative exams and appointments, bandages, dressings and compression garments. Post op pain medication administered in the office.

Once you head home, you may have some minor additional fees to pay for antibiotics or a pain medication prescription.

It may be helpful to account for missed time at work as a part of the overall cost of the procedure. Though some people get by with only 1 week off work, be sure to ask your surgeon what they advise for you depending on the type of employment you have. You’ll need to avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks minimum after your surgery, so that could mean working from home or a modified assignment. You’ll need to pause your gym membership, and you may need to hire temporary help with childcare, pet care and housework.

Let us help

We’re pleased to offer medical financing options which assist with making surgical payments more convenient and accessible. When you contact Solomon Facial Plastic to book your rhinoplasty consultation, we’ll be happy to help you arrange payment options that suit you and offset costs. If you’re ready to talk about next steps, or you have questions about your procedure, contact us today.