Seeking to make this New Year one to remember could mean finally scheduling your procedure and revealing the nose you’ve been dreaming of, in the new year. When considering rhinoplasty in Toronto, people often ask what season is ideal to plan for the best experience. In this part of the world, we have many long months of cold air and shorter days to contend with.

Just like a caterpillar greeting the next season as a butterfly, why not use this hibernation time to transform yourself? You might be surprised to learn that winter holidays offer a perfect opportunity to undergo your nose job. Here we’ll outline the top reasons why this is the right time for you to treat yourself.

Cold Weather

Plenty of Canadians love being outside in the snow or hiding out under blankets to escape the cold, while others dream of palm trees and sunshine. If you’re home body who stays in doors in the winter, you may be an ideal facial plastic surgery candidate. Typically, recovering from Toronto rhinoplasty procedures takes 1-2 weeks for the majority of swelling to pass, and another several weeks to be completely healed.

In the early days, inflammation, bruising and a splint on the nose, means most people stay home from work and avoid social activities. However, when the weather’s warm and your friends are vacationing, it can be a bit disappointing to stay cooped up inside. You’ll need to avoid aerobic activity, submerging in water and even direct sunlight, therefore summer surgery can feel a little restrictive. The sunlight is less intense in the winter, therefore bundling up indoors, sipping hot chocolate and watching movies can be more easier to accept.

Holiday Time Off

Many people have year-end vacation days to use up by the end of December. Because of traditional holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s, many will schedule time off work, and it won’t stand out as unusual if you want to book time off for a rhinoplasty.

In Toronto, cosmetic surgery has become much more mainstream and socially acceptable, yet not everyone is comfortable with office colleagues knowing they had work done. Using up some vacation time or sick days this time of year does not raise eyebrows, as we all like to rest and relax for a week or two. You’ll be back to work after the majority of healing is done and ready to face the world.

Treat Yourself With A Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s often underestimated how much the correction of a perceived flaw can impact one’s daily outlook. While “perfection” and unrealistic goals are strongly discouraged, this is a cosmetic surgery that produces very high patient satisfaction for men and women. The goal is ultimately to refine, enhance and improve your appearance.

Doing so can deliver instant confidence each time you look in the mirror, make picture-taking with family and friends better in time for summer vacations and the next holiday season too. You do a lot for others, so it’s ok to do something important for yourself.

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