Dr. Phillip Solomon in a renowned, double board-certified Toronto rhinoplasty expert. Because each facial surgeon has their own preferred methods, people are sometimes fuzzy on the details regarding their recovery process. It can help alleviate unnecessary stress if you know what to expect from the first days, weeks and months after your nose surgery. Below is an overview of Dr. Solomon’s preferred approach and why he feels it gives his patients the best advantages and outcomes.

Will You Have Nasal Packing Or Splints Inside Your Nose?

Some surgeons use significant, firm nostril packing to control bleeding inside the nose and to hold nasal tissues in place. This packing can be quite uncomfortable but was once considered a necessary part of the procedure.

Through meticulous closure of all internal incisions, Dr. Solomon significantly reduces bleeding and allows his patients freedom from the discomfort of internal splints and packing. In rare cases, thin, absorbent pads can be placed overnight, but they are less bulky while being a snap to remove.

Externally, a protective splint will likely keep the outside of your nose covered and safe throughout the first week. Some Toronto rhinoplasty patients take a prescription pain medication that Dr. Solomon provides, while others find they’re comfortable enough to forgo medications. Though swelling and facial pressure sometimes look concerning for a few days, this is a well-tolerated procedure and not often described as painful.

We’ll Ensure You’re Set For A Fantastic Recovery

Dr. Solomon will ensure you’re at ease and have the instructions you need while resting at home. You’ll find that swelling usually peaks within the first two days and then begins to resolve. The majority of bruising and inflammation are gone within 2 weeks; however, residual swelling can linger for months in delicate areas such as the tip. Before your procedure day, our experienced and caring staff will spend time with you discussing your recovery in detail so that you feel confident and ready- excited for your new look.

If you’ve been gathering information about your upcoming rhinoplasty in Toronto and heard of experiences involving miserable nasal packing or internal splints, rest-assured that Dr. Solomon does his best to avoid these unnecessary discomforts and because of his specialized techniques and advanced skill, he’s a leader in his field.

At Solomon Nasal and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Centre, we perform a wide variety of procedures for men and women of all ages and ethnicities. Whether you want a subtle and refined, nasal tip surgery, or septorhinoplasty to improve occluded nasal passages and straighten structures, we can help you look and feel transformed.

Exceptionally talented in the area of natural-looking ethnic rhinoplasty, the delicate considerations for harmonious results on many different faces are why so many people in the GTA seek him for their procedure. If you’re considering a nose job, we’d love to hear from you and learn how we can help you take the next steps.