Male Rhinoplasty Toronto

Male Rhinoplasty in Toronto

Rhinoplasty refers to a cosmetic surgical procedure that alters the form, shape, and/or structure of the nose. It can also refer to a procedure that also improves airflow function and flow, in addition to aesthetical enhancements.

“A lot more males are seeking cosmetic surgery as a whole, and certainly more and more men are seeking out male Rhinoplasty Toronto for a multitude of reasons,” says Dr. Philip Solomon. “Generally speaking, patients are looking for aesthetic enhancement of the nose, but men may have a history of injuries to their nose, from sports to altercations, more so than women generally have.”

Dr. Solomon specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery at his practice in Old Thornhill in Toronto. With his experience of over a thousand rhinoplasties, Dr. Solomon has done it all, from subtle refinements to significant reconstruction and alteration. Dr. Solomon has also traveled aboard in order to learn the most advanced and innovative surgical procedures from world renowned facial plastic surgeons, continues to attend international conferences and has just completed an 8 year tenure as Chief of Surgery at Machenzie Health Hospital.

“Since I do reconstructive in addition to cosmetic surgery on the nose, that allows me to see some of the more complex, challenging cases on men who have really had their nose damaged,” says Dr. Solomon, who believes his patients choose him for his extensive experience.

Furthermore, Rhinoplasty has a reputation for being a surgical procedure that has a high revision rate. Dr. Solomon’s extensive experience and surgical skill simply adds to his commitment to a lower revision rate and much higher satisfactory outcome.

Male rhinoplasty in Toronto


Witness Outstanding Results

Male before rhinoplasty surgery Male after rhinoplasty surgery

Correcting Functional Issues, Like Snoring

“Men may have functional breathing problems, and at the same time they may look to aesthetically enhance their nose,” says Dr. Solomon. “The common thing for men to do is correct a breathing problem while straightening their crooked nose.”

Surgeries that may be required to address functional breathing issues include Septoplasty and Turbinate surgery and can often be combined with Rhinoplasty into one surgery. In Ontario, nasal procedures to correct breathing difficulty or deformity from trauma may be covered by OHIP. “Similar problems do arise in women but they often have less functional problems,” Dr. Solomon says. “Cosmetic enhancement may be newer to men than women. Women are more apt to care about their aesthetics; men less so. But their interest is growing and evolving in the world of aesthetic medicine. Even some of Hollywood’s top male stars have had their noses tweaked.”

Treating Aesthetic Issues

The aesthetic goals of men are not the aesthetic goals of women, according to Dr. Solomon. “My belief is that with male Rhinoplasty Toronto, the goal is specifically not to overdo and not to feminize,” explains Dr. Solomon. “There’s a very fine boundary when looking for refinement without feminization.”

Typically, masculine noses are defined by a straight and strong appearance, in proportion with their facial features. Men’s thicker skin and cartilage can require specialized techniques only available to surgeons with the experience of thousands of surgeries, like Dr. Solomon. The appearance of a man’s nose is greatly affected by his chin. A weak, or small chin can make the nose appear disproportionately larger, and vice-versa. A Rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the nose can correct the disproportion, but a chin implant may be advised to create the most optimal outcome of facial harmony, according to Dr. Solomon.

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What To Expect From Male Rhinoplasty Toronto

During your evaluation, Dr. Solomon will assess the external and internal structures of your nose.

The appearance of your nose will also be evaluated in the context of your face and its features. The most state of the art pre-operative computer imaging technology (CIT) is also available so that patients can thoroughly assess different procedural outcomes. Your nose’s size, shape and skin quality will inform the creation of your individualized treatment plan. The benefits of your treatment along with the risks will be explained to you by Dr. Solomon. It is important that you understand the possible complications that can arise from a procedure, and to have realistic outcome expectations, according to Dr. Solomon. Each outcome is created not only by the surgeon, but by the anatomy of the patient, their ability to heal and the circumstances of their particular functional or cosmetic issue. Dr. Solomon believes patients should pursue improvement over perfection.

How Male Rhinoplasty Is Performed

Generally speaking, Rhinoplasty is separated into two categories. The first is known as a Open Rhinoplasty” and consists of creating a tiny incision in the nasal base, followed by the lifting of the nasal epidermal layer in order to properly expose the anatomy of the nose. By lifting the skin over the bone structure and cartilage, Dr. Solomon can properly visualize the nasal anatomy in order to meticulously change the structure of the patient’s nose while also providing long term anatomical stability. The prognosis is generally positive, with high patient satisfaction and optimal nasal health and aesthetics. Rhinoplasty can also be broadly categorized into another surgical branch known as ClosedRhinoplasty; sometimes known as Internal Rhinoplasty or endonasal Rhinoplasty. Closed Rhinoplasty differs from external Rhinoplasty as no incision is made at the nasal base; which is scientifically categorized as the “columella”. Instead, the incisions are performed internally, affecting the nose and its conjoined nostrils. Evidently, one of the advantages of performing the incisions internally is that it will circumvent issues with noticeable external scarring. Closed Rhinoplasty is generally not recommended for combined or extensive transmutations to the nasal tip as well as balance bridge work. Closed Rhinoplasty should also be avoided for external valve support procedures in order to maximize structural stability over the course of a patient’s life.

Who Is Eligible For A Male Rhinoplasty?

There is a myriad of nasal and facial variations that can be drastically improved, whether it be aesthetically or structurally to treat airflow issues.

For example, some patients may be concerned about the bridge of their nose and may focus exclusively on the targeted area. For others, the tip and the base may be their targeted area or patients may be dissatisfied with their nose because they feel it is too elongated or too stubby. There are also patients that are referred to Dr. Solomon from a general practitioner or sleep expert because their patients suffer from snoring or sleep apnea, which are conditions that can prove fatal and should not be taken lightly. Those who suffer from a crooked nose, due to either a prenatal defect or blunt force trauma may also be eligible for Rhinoplasty to rectify the issue. Interestingly, the most commonly reported reduction male Rhinoplasty Toronto procedure involves a reduction of the bridge bump. Another popular procedure involves strengthening, or fortifying a nasal bridge that has deteriorated over the years or simply lacked the structural integrity from a young age. It is also important to note that being realistic is key. In other words, heading into the surgery with unrealistic expectations may lead to abject disappointment after the procedure has been performed. It is imperative to be frank and open when discussing your needs, both in the short and long term, and Dr. Solomon will be more than happy to talk you through the procedure, from start to finish, so you will know exactly what to expect. In addition, those who have had multiple procedures performed on their noses and its surrounding area may have developed weakened tissue that will not lend itself to repeated surgical procedures. It is important to be honest if you have had multiple Rhinoplasty procedures so that Dr. Solomon can provide a custom tailored solution that can mitigate risk and optimize the surgical efficiency and effectiveness beforehand. Book an Appointment
Rhinoplasty for men at Dr. Solomon's clinic
Male rhinoplasty treatment for cosmetic issues

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Rhinoplasty?

The good news is that pain after the procedure is kept to a minimum.

In many cases, a simple painkiller will suffice to dull the pain, and in some cases patients do not experience any pain; just minimal soreness or discomfort. In most cases the splint, used for support and protection, is removed after about 7 – 10 days, although some patients may require more time to heal. In terms of rigorous activity, Dr. Solomon generally does not recommend any strenuous activity or contact sports for at least 6 weeks after the procedure has been completed. It is always important to follow all after care instructions that are provided to you by the surgeon to ensure an uncomplicated and smooth recovery process. Payment Plans Dr. Solomon allows for a multitude of payment options and plans so that patients can focus on their steadfast recovery and enhanced facial appearances instead of financing. A no obligation consultation is available with Dr. Solomon to answer any questions or concerns you may have about a Rhinoplasty surgery. All consultations are discussed in detail and with confidentiality. Book an Appointment


If there are aspects of your nose that you are not happy with, you have the opportunity to make the changes needed to get you the nose you’ve always wanted. Please feel encouraged to book a consultation to find out more information on the options available to you.

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