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Revision Rhinoplasty in Toronto

As one of the more difficult facial cosmetic surgery procedures and one of the most popular with Canadians, revision rhinoplasty Toronto is a complex process that, in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, can oftentimes leave a patient with subpar results.

If you have gone to a surgeon to have a rhinoplasty performed and are unhappy with the results, a ‘revision rhinoplasty’ also sometimes referred to as a ‘secondary rhinoplasty’ is recommended. Many patients have come to us seeking a revision rhinoplasty Toronto, hoping to correct problems that have either developed or that have continued since their first surgery. If you fit this description, revision rhinoplasty Toronto is a procedure that is recommended for consideration.
Having a revision rhinoplasty Toronto procedure can be a daunting task for many patients, sometimes frightened that even with a second procedure that they will not be able to attain the results promised. This makes it all the more important to seek out a revision rhinoplasty expert surgeon who is not only skilled but someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Through the initial consultation stages to the procedure and post-procedure process, Dr. Solomon, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto, demonstrates the ability to communicate clearly with his patients, listening to their needs, and putting them at ease while delivering real solutions.

At times, the problems in need of correction are minor. At other times, they are more prominent. No matter what the issue is, a revision rhinoplasty is always more difficult to perform as a surgeon will be working with less materials. This is due to fact that the original anatomy may no longer be intact and scar tissue now fills the tissue planes that were present before the first rhinoplasty surgery.

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About Revision Rhinoplasty Toronto Surgery

As an expert rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto, we have seen patients from all walks of life come into our clinic, dissatisfied with their first rhinoplasty performed by another surgeon elsewhere. This is something that always bothers our practice as we understand the complexity of the work as well as the cost.

We see patients from all over Ontario who now have to undergo a second procedure in order to repair issues from the first as well as achieve the detailed, realistic results they expected in the first place. If you are looking to discuss options available to you to repair issues from a previous procedure, we recommend first reading a little bit into what revision rhinoplasty Toronto surgery is and what we can offer in this regard. It is important to understand with regards to a revision rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty that repositioning and separating what is left of the bones and cartilage is much more difficult now. The answer to a successful Revision Rhinoplasty Toronto is using an experienced surgeon with the appropriate techniques. This again makes the answer to a successful revision rhinoplasty in Toronto is to use an experienced surgeon with the appropriate techniques. Dr. Solomon’s goal is to see that his secondary rhinoplasty patients receive a natural looking and properly functioning nose that is in harmony with the rest of the patient’s facial features. To achieve this goal, it is required that Dr. Solomon reshapes and reconstructs the framework that supports the cartilage and bone. Book an Appointment
Revision rhinoplasty surgery in Toronto
Female revision rhinoplasty in Toronto
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Why Choose Revision Rhinoplasty Toronto Surgery?

Revision rhinoplasty Toronto can be necessary in cases where the original surgery was unable to achieve the ideal results.

Problems with primary surgery can be a result of poor planning, inadequate communication between the surgeon and patient, or technical issues with the surgery or healing. Some problems that can occur from primary rhinoplasty surgery include polybeak deformity, pinched nasal tip, retracted nostrils, hanging collumella, inverted V deformity, or open roof deformity. Any number of these issues can affect the appearance of the nose as well as a person’s ability to breathe. Polybeak deformity refers to a deformity resulting from rhinoplasty surgery where the bridge of the nose becomes shaped like a bird’s beak. Typically, this results if too much nasal bone is removed and/or not enough cartilage on the bridge is removed. This deformity can also result in patients with thick nasal skin where the area above the tip develops fullness. Polybeak deformity can generally be improved by removing more scar tissue or cartilage from the supratip region of the nose, adding tissue to over resected nasal bones, and improving nasal tip projection. Each revision rhinoplasty case must be assessed individually. Pinched nasal tip refers to an unnaturally narrow nasal tip after rhinoplasty surgery. Pinched nasal tip can be result from over resection of the cartilages that make up the nasal tip. This weakens the side walls of the nose and over time the tip can become pinched. The nasal tip can also become pinched if the surgeon over narrows the cartilage with sutures or with incision into the nasal tip cartilage called dome division technique. Pinched nasal tip can be improved by revision rhinoplasty by reconstructing the cartilages of the nasal tip with grafts either from the nasal septum, ear cartilage or rib cartilage. Hanging collumella or retracted nostrils refers to the relationship between the middle portion of the nasal tip and the nostrils. Some patients develop this problem after rhinoplasty surgery. This can be corrected with revision rhinoplasty surgery by adding cartilage to the nostrils called alar rim grafting or by removing more tissue from the central collumella region. Inverted V deformity can occur following rhinoplasty surgery. This problem can occur from rhinoplasty surgery where over time the cartilage in the middle portion of the nasal bridge moves inwards relative to the nasal bones. This gives an upside down V shape to the nose from front on view. Revision rhinoplasty Surgery can improve this problem by placing grafts of cartilage along the nasal bridge called spreader grafts. This type of surgery generally is done by open rhinoplasty technique. Open roof deformity can occur when the primary surgery did not adequately narrow the nasal bones. Revision rhinoplasty surgery can improve this by perfoming osteotomies and narrowing the nasal bones optimally. This generally can be done by closed revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Solomon’s Approach To Rhinoplasty

Even in the event of a primary rhinoplasty having done damage or having failed at correcting initial aesthetic issues, Dr. Solomon is highly skilled and will always do his best to ensure that these problems are corrected. Through a consultation first, we will sit down with you to review your nose and to provide you with the options available at our clinic to address any aesthetic and/or breathing issues. Through the use of advanced digital imaging technology, Dr. Solomon will also be able to provide you with a general look at different shapes and sizes of noses as they appear on your face in relation to your other facial features. This helps to narrow down the goal of your revision rhinoplasty in Toronto and to define the final look that you wish to have for your nose. The primary goal of revision rhinoplasty Toronto is to rebuild the nose to the extent that it provides the safest, most consistent long-term results. Specializing in various methods of rhinoplasty, Dr. Solomon has performed revision rhinoplasty Toronto on men and women, young and old, persons from a wide range of ethnicities, and members of the transgender community in transition from male to female. No matter your background, in all likelihood, we have seen it before and will be able to provide you with trusting, long-lasting results. Every single one of our patients has unique facial characteristics and unique features that must be respected as we work to reshape and re-design a nose via revision rhinoplasty. In the hands of Dr. Solomon, you will be getting exceptional experience for your revision rhinoplasty surgery. It goes without saying but the nose is a very dominating facial feature. Any changes made to its shape, size or details must be done in acknowledgment of the impact that it will have on a person’s facial appearance. It is not our goal to produce drastic changes that will change your identity. It is our aim to achieve subtle but significant improvements in the contour, rotation and project of the nose. As demonstrated via out digital imaging technology and in the before and after pictures of other patients we have completed work on, small changes do go a long way. Any revision rhinoplasty or ‘nose job’ should enhance your personality and ethnicity, not erase it or change it. This is our highest goal. Despite being one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries performed in Canada, Dr. Solomon has completed thousands of them and his results are easily demonstrated in the several before-and-after photos included here. As one of Toronto’s expert cosmetic facial surgeons in rhinoplasty, Dr. Solomon has experience and expertise dealing with first-time patients seeking a primary rhinoplasty, patients who have had a previous rhinoplasty and who are now seeking a revision rhinoplasty, and patients who are seeking to treat complications related to their rhinoplasty. If you have questions or concerns, Dr. Solomon would be happy to guide you through the various options available to you and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Book an Appointment
Revision rhinoplasty at Dr. Solomon's clinic
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If there are aspects of your nose that you are not happy with, you have the opportunity to make the changes needed to get you the nose you’ve always wanted. Please feel encouraged to book a consultation to find out more information on the options available to you.

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