Persian rhinoplasty by Dr. Philip Solomon in Toronto

Here’s Why Natural Results Make Toronto Popular For Persian Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is a common and frequently sought-after cosmetic procedure in Canada. Located in Toronto, Dr. Philip Solomon has the passion, expertise and an artistic eye for performing rhinoplasty procedures to achieve natural-looking results for a variety of ethnic groups.

Persian rhinoplasty is a very common cosmetic modification within the Persian culture and it’s not exclusively for women as quite often Persian men interested are in this surgery as well. While many Persian patients choose to travel to Tehran for a rhinoplasty procedure, our team led by Dr. Solomon in Toronto is a rhinoplasty specialist having focused his 20-year career on this procedure and is capable of delivering exceptional natural-looking results.

Although there are undoubtedly skilled rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran, Dr. Solomon has the experience, technical skills and artistic nuances to perform a Toronto Persian rhinoplasty that will de-emphasize a dominant nose to enhance other facial features while preserving the ethnic uniqueness of Persians and their natural beauty.

Dr. Solomon is capable of achieving such natural results with a Persian rhinoplasty in Toronto because he understands that the Middle Eastern nose is anatomically and aesthetically different from the classic, Caucasian nose. Thus, he approaches the rhinoplasty for Persian patients with a unique strategy to will help patients reach their goals.

When a Middle Eastern patient requests a Toronto Persian rhinoplasty procedure from our clinic, the most common characteristics of the nose that we see are: bump on profile of the nose, lack of definition at the nose tip, and a nose that is overtly too large for the face. Persian men and women seeking a rhinoplasty may often have a combination of thicker skin and a larger nasal tip that lacks definition. Therefore, a Persian rhinoplasty often offers a nose reduction that brings a more harmonious balance between the nose and other facial features.

Generally, plastic surgeons make the mistake in judgement of treating a Middle Eastern or Persian rhinoplasty the same as all other Caucasian noses and remove an excessive amount of cartilage to attempt a more defined nose shape. However, these patients have mostly thick skin and weak cartilage, causing a lack of structure after the reconstruction surgery.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to see unnatural-looking results of a rhinoplasty from surgeons without experience working with Middle Eastern or Persian anatomy. Unlike these surgeons, Dr. Solomon has the experience and knowledge to create a natural nose for his Persian patients.

Depending on the aesthetic goals of the patient and their starting point, Dr. Solomon will work together with his patients to create individualized surgical plans based on their unique anatomy. Unlike procedural results from the past, the new generation of Middle Eastern and Persian patients now desire a “natural nose”.

This is a reconstructed nose that lacks obvious signs of surgery, such as scooped bridge, upturned, ”pig-nose”, pinched tip and visible nostrils. The individualized treatment plan creates subtle, natural-looking in order to deliver the best possible results to meet the needs of the patient.

If you’re interested in a Toronto Persian rhinoplasty, we welcome you to contact our clinic for a private in-depth conversation with Dr. Solomon.


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