Rhinoplasty Planning In Toronto Starts With These 3 Important Steps

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job in Toronto, can dramatically improve a person’s facial profile. Patients get the best results when they start with proper planning. Since the nose is literally front-and-centre on your face, even the slightest change can have a dramatic impact. It’s important to be as prepared as possible when you begin planning a rhinoplasty in Toronto and this quick guide will give you the three key steps to start on the right foot.

Choose a Qualified and Talented Surgeon

Undergoing a rhinoplasty in Toronto starts with finding potential surgeons and narrowing the list down to those whose work and credentials impress you. You can go about finding candidates a few ways. A Google search is the most direct way to locate surgeons in your area but should ideally be supported by other forms of inquiry. For example, if you know anyone who has undergone a cosmetic procedure then you can ask them about their own surgeon.

This approach has the primary advantage of giving you a first-hand opinion from someone you trust. There are also numerous internet forums and communities about cosmetic surgery. You can search within them for your city or region to learn about different experiences and surgeons. Always remember to check the surgeon’s website and look at their before-and-after photos. You may want to pay attention to patient reviews as well before making your final decision.

Know What You Want

You do not need to have a point-by-point plan of how you want your rhinoplasty to go, but you should spend some time thinking about what goals you will share with your surgeon during the consultation. Make notes on what nasal features you are displeased with or wish to alter, such as a hump on the bridge, a hooked tip, thick nostrils, etc. Bringing photos that show the type of nose you hope to achieve, or even photos of results you specifically want to avoid, are also a good tool to help your surgeon.

Use the Consultation

The consultation with your surgeon serves two main purposes. The first is so you and the surgeon review your goals for your Toronto rhinoplasty and agree on the procedure to use. The second is so you can evaluate the surgeon and decide if you are comfortable working with them. Think of it as part business meeting, part job interview. Draw up a list of questions to ask beforehand and feel free to take notes to reference before making your final decision.

Common things to ask about include the surgeon’s training, how long they have been practicing and how often they perform rhinoplasty, complication or revision rates, techniques used (and why), and details about anesthesia, setting, and recovery. You can also look at before-and-after photos and ask about the approaches used to get those patients’ results. Do not be afraid of sounding overly critical or inadvertently asking something embarrassing. Surgeons are used to these sorts of questions and understand their importance to patients.


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